High Street Blues.

Altrincham in Cheshire has recently been revealed as the worst high street in britain for closed shops. We are not the first to notice similar empty units in and around our home town Macclesfield. Here is a selection of images we took, and we want to come up with a use for these spaces. A gallery? A pop-up shop? Tuition space? If you have any ideas or want to team up with The Agency to do something about this, then drop us a line and let’s inject some life back into the high street.





Where do dead macs go?

Into a box in our office apparently. Having just had a clearout at The Agency we seem to have a fantastic array of old macs and electronics that just don’t work anymore. Always seems such a waste to throw away technology. Does anyone want to create an art installation using any of this? If so let us know.



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