Peter Hook & Kevin Cummins in conversation



On Thursday 23rd Feb, we went along to Manchester Photographic to listen to Peter Hook and Kevin Cummins in conversation. Kevin Cummins has his Joy Division photography currently on display there under the name “Exemplar” and this was a fascinating night of banter about how some of the shots came about and their relationships with Ian Curtis, Tony Wilson and all the other Factory Records luminaries.

You can see more of Kevin’s incredible work here. And you can keep up to date with Hooky here.


Disneyfication of Joy Division



We spotted this article on Creative Review and it piqued our interest, what with Joy Division having such a big impact on our local musical heritage in Macclesfield. Bizarre as it seems, someone at Disney thought it would be an excellent idea to combine Peter Saville’s Unknown Pleasures cover design with the iconic Mickey Mouse branding. Hmmm, not too sure on this one and it seems it was pulled fairly soon, with various interested parties including Joy Division/New Order drummer Steven Morris making their thoughts known on it.

You can read the original article at Creative Review here

Garry Olsen



We are always interested in local craftspeople and Garry Olsen is someone we have become aware of through the artist Jane Mitchell. Garry has been a designer and maker of high quality hand-made furniture for over 25 years and also teaches Furniture making courses which introduce tools, timber and hand-tool techniques. In addition to the services he offers Garry also has a showroom and Art Gallery which can also be hired out.

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