Force of Nature: Picturing Ruskin’s landscape


This exhibition, at the Millenium Gallery in Sheffield, looks at the theme of landscape, all through the eyes of John Ruskin.

Throughout the mid 1800s, Ruskin gained fame by writing about art, architecture, geology and landscapes. By the 1870s Ruskin’s interest had turned to social policy, and he founded the Guild of St George with the aim of making England a better place for the everyday worker. With the help of his Guild, Ruskin put together this collection to display in Sheffield as a creative and educational tool for Sheffield’s metalworkers.

The exhibition is permanent and rotates items from the extensive collection frequently.

Strike a pose: 50 years of Football and Fashion



This exhibition starts in February at the National Football Museum in Manchester and documents how football and fashion have developed throughout the last half a century or so. It features the styles of Mods, Skinheads, and the 90’s Casuals aswell as iconic photography and some of the classic kits. Find out more here.

Stanley Chow in Pickles


Stanley Chow, a Manchester based illustrator, has some work featured in the latest issue of Pickles magazine. His style is very evident and not to mention impressive, bearing in mind his use of simple shapes to create images and portraits that are instantly recognisable. Pickles magazine is a relatively new publication which delves into the latest happenings and on going discussions we all have about football. It’s certainly a fresh angle on the beautiful game.

So that’s football and design in one bi-monthly release? We can’t really complain.

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