Will Love Tear Us Apart?

A new web game based on Joy Divisions’ iconic hit “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is set to be released, with each level on the game relating to a diffrent verse of the song. Though the concept may seem an obscure one, the creator, Gorgon Calleja, claims that the concept of the game is exactly the same as all other great games since Donkey Kong, and that is a doomed relationship.


Abstract Aerial Photos of a Beta Carotene Farm in Western Australia


As a part of Australian photographer Steve Back’s graphic series Hutt Lagoon he shot a series of images of the world’s largest Beta Carotene farm from a light aircraft as part of a comission for an Australian Hotel, resulting in some unbelievable shots. “The images are not manipulated for color,” said Back. “I had noticed these lakes on the map and Google Earth, and decided that they were worth a look. From the ground, the pink coloring is not so evident and a bit unimpressive, yet from the air, it looks fantastic. These are natural landscapes but the coloring is out of this world. And at first sight it is not easy to tell whether they are close up or far away.”


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