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With the sales of vinyl at their highest point since 1997, Universal Records are offering the public a chance to vote for records that are no longer in print and bring the back to our record stores.

Among the nominees are the 90’s R&B classic “Baduizm”, by Erykah Badu and Nirvanas “MTV Unplugged” session. 

Which classic album do you wish you had on vinyl?

Francis Terry aka. Franco Falconetto

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 11.09.22

From a well recognized contemporary architecture award on our last post, to the work of a well renowned classical architect, Francis Terry, admittedly not architecture.

What once started as a hobby between him and his son has now grown into an online comic, “Shooting Bad Guys”.

Click the link here and see for yourself.


RIBA Stirling Prize

article-2367812-1ADA944B000005DC-783_964x633Once another 1960’s concrete eyesore and a nominee on a recent shortlist of buildings people most wanted to see knocked down, a housing block in Sheffield has been nominated, along with 5 other buildings, for the prestigious Stirling Prize.

Only a few years ago it was known as a place of crime and drugs, now it is competing for the highest accolade that the Royal Institute of Architects can offer.


The exciting rebirth of British menswear manufacturing

British London Cloth Company

The British London Cloth Company. Photograph: PicasaWe were very interested to see this article on the Guardian, about the resurgent British Menswear industry, something very close to us as we work with a great many British fashion brands at the moment, including George Keys and John Partridge. As David Evans says “British menswear is a byword for quality and high standards, founded on a long heritage of garment design and manufacturing” – something we wholeheartedly agree with. Read the full piece here.

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