Seven Miles Out


We recently came across Seven Miles Out through Screen Stockport Film Festival.  In an attempt to bring more diversity and young creativity to Stockport’s old town, Seven Miles Out will focus on arts, music, film and digital technologies.

Seven Miles Out takes its name from a shop originally in the same location, popular amongst the creatives in the Stockport area for furniture and other more unusual elements of design. With the project aiming to bring culture back to the town, using the name of the old shop seems fitting.

Paper Tiger Books


In 2011 photographer Laura Braun founded Paper Tiger Books, an independent publisher in order to release her own books and collaberations with friends and peers.

Here is an example of some of their work, Métier. It focuses on small independent businesses in London and how the owners lives have become based around their careers.




Patrick Caulfield at the Abbot Hall Art Gallery in Kendal


One of the founding fathers of British Pop Art, Patrick Caulfield, is exhibiting some of his work at the Abbot Hall Art Gallery in Kendal. His distinctive bold black outlines which feature on most of his paintings has made them instantly recognisable as the work of one of the last great still life artists.




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