Dazzle Ship prints

Rhythms of Modern Life

Following our recent post about the Dazzle Ship that featured as part of the Liverpool Biennial festival, the Walker Art Gallery is displaying four woodcut prints that were inspired by the artists time as a Royal Navy Officer.

Rob Bailey



We recently came across the work of Rob Bailey and liked what we saw. To add to that we were pleasantly surprised to discover that he he is based in Manchester.

If you want to check out anymore of his work then click the link here to head to his website.

The Felt Newsagent


Artist Lucy Sparrow has created a Newsagent containing over 2000 well known items entirely out of felt to fill her installation ‘The Cornershop’.

Not only does it look fantastic, everything in the store is for sale so picking up a souvenir should not be a problem.


FACT Buys White Albums


FACT and Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF) have joined forces to present Rutherford Chang’s collection of over 1,000 first-pressings of The Beatles’ White Album. Chang’s entire collection will be displayed in the format of a record store with two vital differences, only one album is displayed, and records are only bought not sold. Visitors are invited to browse and listen to copies of their choice.

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